Monday, May 30, 2022

 Arizona Route 66 Fun Run 

Day 2 also started in Seligman, but this was to start the cruise from Seligman to Kingman for a distance of 87 miles.  Once in Kingman, a good portion of Route 66 and the surrounding streets were shutdown for a big carshow for the participants.  

Since Ani was having breakfast with her friends, I went to Seligman on my own to wait for her there and to see the beginning of the cruise.  When I arrived at the east end of Seligman, the cars were already lined up from the west edge of town all the way to the east edge, and a new line was forming.  The folks told me to go ahead to the front and join the next lane.  So I went to the front and asked one of the volunteers where I should park.  He told me to go ahead and park right at the front of the line since no one else seemed to be interested in the spot, so I did.  There was a group of Corvettes across the street and they would be the group to get the green flag from Angel Delgadillo, the man mainly responsible for the Route 66 revival. I did find a video online where he waves the green flag, and you can see my blue 65 parked across the way.

I drove about 1/2 mile outside of town once the cruise started, and then parked under an overpass to wait for Ani and her friends to arrive.  It was a good spot to park, and I got to watch the majority of the cars participating in the cruise pass on by.  I took a lot of pictures, talked to folks under the bridge and waited on Ani.  They finally got there about 10:30, and she and I took off.  We were pretty much the tail end of the cruise, but we weren't in any hurry.

We saw groups of folks parked alongside Route 66 in various areas with their easy ups, chairs, coolers, and waving at us as we went by.  We stopped at Grand Canyon Caverns, took a look around, saw lots of others stopped there and chatted with other participants.  We also stopped at the Hackberry Store in Hackberry and walked around, listened to music, and took some photos.

When we got to Kingman, it was pretty warm and the car show was packed with cars of all different makes, models, years, etc.  We toured the Route 66 Museum at the Powerhouse, ate lunch at the famous Mr. D's Diner on Route 66, and then checked into our hotel.  Ani was exhausted, so she took a nap, and I went back to the car show venue to check it out a bit more.  Things were starting to close down by then, so I got a shake at Mr. D's, took a photo under the Kingman Route 66 arch, and back to the hotel.  When it got dark, I went out into the parking lot and took photos of the various vehicles in the parking lot.  Went back to the room and called it a day.